February 4, 2021

What is the name of Amazon’s new CEO?

What is the name of Amazon’s new CEO?

Since Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched in 2006, Andy Jassy, who is set to take over as chief executive, has been its chief architect and evangelist.


What is the name of Amazon’s new CEO?

What is the name of Amazon’s new CEO?

Andy Jassy, the Inc. leader who is about to require over as chief executive by founder Jeff Bezos later this year, maybe a longtime acolyte of his boss who helped come up with the tech giant’s most profitable idea: cloud-computing.

Since Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched in 2006, Mr. Jassy has been its chief architect and evangelist, building the business from a nascent concept was widely questioned within the technology community to a multibillion-dollar business that dominates the web.

After joining Amazon in 1997 and helping what was then a little online bookseller to expand its catalog

Employees at the session began exploring how the corporate could turn its massive data center infrastructure for running its retail arm into another business. They focused on creating an area where companies could host data and build code, and from which they might offer services to firms operating within the cloud.

The vision was that “any individual in his or her own garage or dormitory,” Jassy told The Wall Street Journal several years ago, “could have access to an equivalent cost structure and scalability and infrastructure because of the largest companies within the world.”

AWS has grown to become one of Amazon’s largest profit centers that pay for much of the opposite money-losing bets the corporate pursues. In its most up-to-date quarter, AWS had an income of $12.7 billion with an operating income of $3.6 billion, quite half the company’s overall operating income.

to CDs, he began shadowing Bezos as a technical assistant within the early 2000s. In 2003, he found himself during a brainstorming session in Bezos’ front room. There, they cooked up the thought together to create the cloud-computing platform now referred to as AWS.

AWS had a market share of around 34% within the most up-to-date fourth quarter of last year, consistent with Synergy Research Group. Microsoft Corp.’s fast-growing cloud services rank second at 20%. When it launched, AWS was used primarily by startups without their own legacy computing infrastructure, like data centers filled with servers. As companies like Airbnb Inc., Uber Technologies Inc., and Netflix Inc. began growing into sizable businesses, so did AWS.



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