September 27, 2020

How to Write an Amazon Plan of Action (POA)

How to write an Amazon plan of action

A plan of action should answer the subsequent three questions:

  1. What was the basis cause that led to the issue?
  2. What actions will you’re taking to resolve the issue?
  3. What steps will you’re taking to stop future issues?
  4. You can use the subsequent guidelines to make your plan of action:

Include supporting evidence for all itemsconfirm that you simply submit supporting evidence for all of the products or ASINs that are under review. you’ll find the list of products at rock bottom of your original notification. confirm you check the time-frame requested for the documents – some require invoices from the last 365 days.

Be clear and concise. Your plan of action should be factual and direct. specialize in the facts and events that led to the difficulty instead of providing an introduction to your product, business, or customer. Remove other questions or references to ongoing support cases from your submission. Avoid using emotive language.

Highlight areas in your supporting documents. you’ll make your response more relevant by circling or highlighting the world within your documents that’s most vitallike ASINs, Supplier details (for example, name and supplier website), or clauses within your Terms and Conditions.

Provide evidence for all issues. Some deactivations are often the results of a mixture of issues (for example, a High Order Defect Rate can arise from feedback and undelivered orders). you want to provide a response for every root cause in your plan of action.



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