September 20, 2020

Amazon Social Media Marketing: 9 Ways to spice up Sales

Amazon Social Media Marketing: 9 Ways to spice up Sales

Social media may be a powerful tool to create your brand and business. Like companies within the past have used print or TV advertisements, and even as companies now use email or digital advertising, you ought to not ignore social media within the present or future.

The opportunity social media presents can provide connection, generate leads, influence cross-promotion, and brand loyalty, build authority and voice, drive traffic where you would like it, and improve customer service. For Amazon sellers and makes, social media are often the intersection of these components, and far more.

If you’re new the thought or simply getting started, this blog will discuss 11 ideas for a social media boost for your Amazon business. And if you would like additional help? We’ve got that, too.

How Many People Use Social Media?
When people get online, they’re definitely aged social media. what percentage of do people use social media? consistent with Statista, an estimated 2.95 billion people worldwide were using social media in 2019, variety projected to extend to almost 3.43 billion by 2023. This number has quite tripled within the last decade.

First off, the term “social media” encompasses many various and varied potential platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Depending on your business or brand, certain platforms may make more sense for your particular products, services, and goals. Many Amazon sellers maintain only a Facebook or Instagram account, for instance, and use it to answer customer queries, or share inspirational, on-brand images and content.

Examples of Instagram pages and posts from brands that sell on Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon Social Media Marketing
Hundreds of many people around the globe have an Amazon account, feel comfortable purchasing from Amazon, and even use Amazon to research and skim reviews before making a sale elsewhere (such as on a company’s own website). Using your social media presence and posts to direct traffic to your Amazon product listings or Amazon Brand Store can increase conversion and compliment your advertising strategy.

It also gives the customer an area to tag your brand if they only happen to be using your products. If an influencer is wearing New Balance shoes, for instance , having an account they will use to tag the brand will naturally increase awareness.

Like an A+ detail page or a branded store, compelling social media accounts also can tell customers more about your brand and encourage them to follow for updates about new products and knowledge. Your social media also can tie in to Amazon events, like Black Friday or Prime Day. It’s different for patrons to collect information before making a sale , learn more about your brand, and gain insider info, like sales, new launches, collaborations/influencers, and more.

What Content do you have to Share?
Like all things Amazon-related, your social media strategy will vary counting on your business. as an example, a children’s clothing company will have a totally different method and strategy than a men’s grooming brand or a pet food business. But from soft lines to consumables, there’s an area for each brand to shine.

Hopefully, you have already got a brand strategy that will play into everything having to try to to together with your branding, imagery, voice, audience, and overall advertising strategy. you would possibly already be using this branding strategy via the Brand Registry, or to run Amazon Ads, like Sponsored Brands or Sponsored Products.

Determining your social media strategy usually starts with an audit of your current accounts and content. you ought to define your target audiences and determine your themes and elegance. If you would like help getting started, eCommerce Nurse offers a variety of packages for each brand’s needs and budget. Contact us for more information.

11 Ideas for Amazon Businesses to spice up Social Media Presence
Once you’ve got decided to leap into (or refine) your social media presence, here are some tips you ought to consider as you evolve and grow:

  1. choose your platforms, your tone, and keep it authentic and consistentAs with branding generallyyou ought to establish your business’s voice and keep it consistent. Only share photos and connect with influencers who share your philosophy or promote your brand in an authentic way.
  2. Use compelling visuals Embracing a platform like Instagram can mean having an optimal place to share your brand’s identity, message, and direction. Stay on-brand, whether you’re using lifestyle imagery, product shots, or sharing quotes and knowledgeconfirm your assets are compelling, interesting, and professional.
  3. Share interesting third-party content or mentions This is an excellent thanks to cross-promote. Tagging and networking may be a big part of “> a part of social media and will be implemented as part of your strategy. this will increase your followers, brand exposure, and engagement.
  4. Put faces together with your brand Consider sharing photos from events or snapshots of your employees. There isn’t much space for this sort of content in an Amazon Brand Store or product detail page. Social media allows for nearly unlimited sharing of data , spaced out exactly how you would like it. Consider how you’ll tell your brand story in an authentic and accessible way that interests customers on a private level.
  5. Be a neighborhood of groups or communities within the broader social network audienceThis helps combat low organic engagement and provides you a jumping-off point to extend followers, as well. Using relevant hashtags also can boost discovery and contribute to growth and awareness on and off the online.
  6. Test your methods and frequency Your posting timing and frequency will depend upon your industry, audience, and current engagement. you would like to retain customers and put out stellar, timely content, without overwhelming your audience. make certain to check your timing and post-type to ascertain what works for your particular situation.
  7. Measure your results Chart with upward trendYour effort is merely as worthwhile because the results it gets you business. Measure post-performance and maximize what gets traction. You won’t always be ready to measure or gauge influence, but use the tools each platform offers to make sure your plan is functioning.
  8. Tie it all at once So you’ve got a business website, Amazon, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. as a part of your strategy—that’s great. But how does one make it cohesive? a method to try to do this is often to form sure users have an area to access social media from your other marketing activities. Include social media links on your website, in your emails, etc. for instance, if you’re making a YouTube video, make certain to tag where people can buy the merchandise.
  9. Outsource as necessary If you’re a smaller business or just have limited resources, handling a growing social media presence is often a strain on some time. eCommerce Nurse may be a full-service Amazon agency that will integrate your marketing strategies, branding, social media, and more.

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