December 1, 2020

Amazon Request a Review Button: Everything You Need To Know

Amazon Request a Review Button: Everything You Need To Know


The Amazon Request a Review Button appears on the order page allowing Amazon Sellers to request both seller feedback and a product review request in the same message through the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging system.  The customer receives the message in their email.  The message sent to the customer is not customizable and is an Amazon-created template.



How to request a review? 

From within Seller Central, simply head to Orders, then view the Shipped tab and click on the order number and you will see the Request A Review Button on the right-hand side.

The Amazon Request a Review Button is a powerful tool to help FBA, Merchant Fulfilled Sellers and Seller Fulfilled Prime Sellers to get more Amazon reviews.

This is everything you need to know about the Amazon Request A Review button to:

  • Increase Amazon Reviews
  • Avoid Violating Amazon Communication Guidelines
  • Learn Where The Request A Review Button Fits In With Your Existing Review Acquisition Services & Strategy
  • Significantly Improve Your Amazon Listing Optimization

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