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April 18, 2022

Amazon Marketing Services will be a tool for boosting sales, according to Amazon. In the year 2022,

Amazon Marketing Services will be a tool for boosting sales, according to Amazon. In the year 2022,


According to Bloom Reach, Amazon has twice the number of product searches like Google. This has influenced 63 percent of marketers to increase their Amazon E-commerce ad budgets. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) has seen a frenzy of development and revisions since its initial launch in 2012.

Many Amazon sellers have switched to using the AMS advertising network. According to a 2017 poll, fifteen percent of brand marketers now use AMS to promote their products. The consistent activity on this platform, on the other hand, indicates that an increasing number of marketers are adopting the use of AMS.

What is AMS (Amazon Marketing Services)

What exactly is Amazon Marketing Services and how does it function? Let’s learn more about the meaning of AMS. AMS provides useful tools to help Amazon sellers sell their products by increasing traffic and creating effective product advertising. In simple terms, it is an Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) platform that allows appropriate people to see products based on keywords and shopper interest.

A click, on the other hand, does not imply a purchase. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend and learn how to use the platform to its full potential.

What Do I Need to Know About Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)?

To begin, Amazon Marketing Services Advertising capabilities include the following:

  • Items that take advantage of the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system
  • Cost-Per-Thousand (CPT) or impressions-based item


PPC items were included in Amazon AMS (now in Advertising Console), while impression-based items were included in Amazon AAP (now they are in Amazon DSP).

The Amazon AMS or Ad Console items have a simple main benefit: they show your products to as many potential customers as possible. They also provide the following intriguing option: AMS allows you to target specific product description pages on the marketplace.

Your advertisement will show at the same time as users are about to purchase your competitor’s products, giving you the opportunity to persuade them to change their minds at the last minute.

The majority of Amazon Marketing Services have been renamed “Get Started” and currently contain the following:

  • Products that have been sponsored (to market goods to customers that view similar items on Amazon or search for particular keywords)
  • Brands that have been sponsored (to show a collection of items to users entering specific Amazon keywords, here you can also use even video ads)
  • Sponsored Display (to re-engage Amazon customers who have seen your or comparable items and direct them to your product description pages).
  • Amazon Sponsored Store (previously called Brand Pages)


What Are the Available Advertising Campaigns?

Amazon offers three AMS campaigns via which suppliers can select ads that are specifically targeted. Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, Amazon Product Display Ads, and Amazon Headline Search Ads are examples of campaign ads. All of these AMS advertising are managed by the Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) and come in a variety of formats, such as display ads, mobile banner ads, and so on.

Sponsored Product Ads:

These campaigns will enable you to set a daily budget and choose your keyword targeting options. As a vendor, you have complete control over the products you offer and advertise. You should be able to use the search queries and keyword suggestions to optimize these campaigns.

These ads are typically manual (keyword-driven) or automated (content-driven) targeted campaigns that show on the right, bottom, or top rail of a search engine results page. They’re classified as a middle-of-the-funnel campaign since they appear in places where clients are likely to investigate a number of purchasing possibilities. Sponsored Product Ads are also popular since they are offered to both first-party and third-party vendors.


Headline Search Ads:

You must choose and decide on a specific ad landing page where you will advertise your merchandise. These programs, like Sponsored Search Ads, are based on keyword targeting. The seller must establish a budget for the entire campaign that is at least $100. In the advertising, you’ll be able to include a single product image and a headline.

These ads are entirely keyword-driven, with a manual targeting strategy in place. It can be found near the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Only Amazon’s first-party suppliers have access to and can use headline search ads.

Product Display Ads:

The vendor must decide if a specific product or a general interest will be targeted for these ads. How much do Amazon Marketing Services for Display charge? A budget of at least $100 is required for the entire campaign. You may use the Ad campaign to add a logo and a headline to make it more appealing. Because the majority of the information in these ads is often populated with product listings, they require less innovation than Amazon Headline Search Ads. There is also a space where you can have your ad appear in the related goods area. The box area is where you advertise your goods on things that aren’t identical to the one, you’re promoting.

Because marketers must rely on Interest-based targeting or Product Targeting Options, product display ads are deemed distinctive. Interest-based targeting is a technique for attracting buyers who have a common interest in what you’re selling. This would normally lead to a bigger volume but a poorer conversion rate.

This is because these advertisements target and focus on buyers who may have already purchased your supplied products. Product targeting, on the other hand, allows marketers to be more precise, which leads to a greater conversion rate. Finally, A/B testing is necessary to evaluate which option is most suitable for you.


What Are the Different Types of Keywords Should be used?


One of the most significant advantages of investing in Amazon PPC ads is that you can see actual buyer search queries and determine which ones will result in purchases. As a result, if you’re conducting pay-per-click ads, you should research and master Amazon’s marketing strategy to boost conversions even more. Keywords must be included in your Amazon advertising in order for them to be discovered by more visitors and shoppers. Because it is a word that people would search on Amazon, it is critical to use the best keyword for your Ad content.

A keyword can be used in a number of different ways. There’s the single phrase search keyword, which consists of simply one word. You may also use the word search with several phrases –

  1. Complementary Product Keywords
  2. Out of Category Keywords
  3. Branded Product Keywords
  4. Competitor Branded Keywords
  5. Sponsored Products Automatic Targeting Keywords.


What are some more strategies for creating a successful ad campaign?

An ad campaign must be run on a continual basis in order to be effective and successful. The amount of buyers who make multiple purchases each month is enormous. As a vendor, you should be able to act quickly when a potential buyer’s mind is on you. Providing suggested keywords is a part of operating these marketing campaigns. You will also be able to evaluate whether the keyword attracts a large, medium, or a small amount of traffic. The majority of sellers use high-traffic keywords, although they appear to be extremely competitive. You can acquire them, but you’ll need to consider keywords in the low and middle ranges as well.

You should be able to motivate and excite customers while writing ad headlines in order to elicit an immediate response to your commercials. You can use phrases like “Buy Now” or “Learn More” as call-to-action (CTA) phrases. On the other hand, words like “The Number One Product” should be avoided because they are often regarded as unfounded assertions. You can also try running many ad campaigns at the same time.

Each campaign option should have its own set of differences. You can wait a month to determine which one is more likely to succeed. You can keep using these various platforms until you have a successful and effective digital marketing strategy.



Amazon Marketing Services is one of the most beneficial and successful ways to promote your goods to relevant Amazon shoppers. This platform has proven to be successful for a number of businesses and individual providers. Your brand will have a successful presence in one of the most strong internet markets in the world if you follow the best and most accurate techniques.

It won’t hurt to employ tools like Rating Raja while selling your Amazon services in order to increase sales and boost your internet reputation. Try Rating Raja’s free 30-day trial to see the results right away!

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